The Confessions of Frannie Langton

Details & Synopsis

4x Part ITV Drama adapted from the award winning novel by Sara Collins.

Coming soon to ITV X, 2022

London 1826: Frannie Langton, a 20-year-old former slave girl is on trial for a brutal double murder.

After a clandestine affair with the mistress of the house, Frannie is found asleep in bed next to her dead lover, Marguerite Benham. Frannie awakes to blood all over her hands and little memory of the night before. Lady Benham’s husband has also been brutally murdered. Frannie is accused and will hang if she cannot – or will not – tell the truth about what happened. The English courts are in a frenzy as are the papers – who is this former slave, turned free woman, to come to England and brutally murder her employers in their beds? The testimonies against her are damming – she is a seductress, a witch, a master manipulator. But Frannie has another story to tell and tell it she will. Slave. Whore. Victim. Murderer. Who is the real Frannie Langton?